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Stanley Brothers CBD vs. Everybody Else

Posted by Justin Adair on May 11, 2019 10:33:07 PM
Justin Adair

Stanley Brothers CBD vs. Everybody Else

Stanley Brothers CBD products have no issue standing out in a crowd; at Earlybird CBD, we're proud to carry products that are renowned for their quality-- and the Stanley Brothers brand is no exception. After the company's inception around a decade ago, they've held strong to their commitment to quality and customers despite notable growth.

What makes these products different from what everybody else is putting out, though? The answer lies in consistency and quality. From the beginning of the collection process through to the point of sale, Stanley Brothers CBD products are intended to improve consumers' quality of life and provide relief that lasts.


Stanley Brothers CBD vs. Everybody Else


Who Are the Stanley Brothers?  

The Stanley Brothers brand is a global leader in high-quality hemp products and cultivation. Following their start in the cannabis industry over ten years ago, they started focusing on manufacturing CBD products after meeting a young girl named Charlotte Figi in 2011. Charlotte was suffering from upwards of 300 grand mal seizures per week and, after exhausting medical options, her mother Paige turned to the Stanley Brothers for help.

It was then that the Brothers began working to help Charlotte and Paige find an alternative treatment option. After working to create their hemp-based CBD products for Charlotte, they were pleased to find that her quality of life improved dramatically; this is where the Charlotte's Web line of CBD products was born.

Since then, the team has worked aggressively to foster cultivation and production methods that produce only the highest-quality products. There's no doubt that time and experience are on their side-- they've been in the game since before many knew it even existed. 


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The Stanley Brothers Commitment

To Quality  

Stanley Brothers products rely on a true, full-spectrum CBD in their vape devices. While this is more costly than isolate options, users can benefit from the greater cannabinoid levels in full-spectrum products. Most other CBD vapables are made utilizing isolates, which can impact the effects of the CBD and may not provide relief as full as what's achievable through full-spectrum CBD. 

To Change  

The Stanley Brothers recognize that CBD is good for everybody. They're a major push for change when it comes to the regulations and restrictions that currently grip the CBD market. While their products may be a little more costly than some, they work hard to keep those products accessible to anybody who may need them.

To You

When a company is so committed to quality, change, and excellent products, all of that really boils down to one thing: they're committed to you. The Brothers may not be able to run to your home and begin crafting you medical solutions as they did for Charlotte, but they're determined to help those in need to the best of their abilities. Each of us has our own personal struggles, and Stanley Brothers is fully committed to ensuring that we have the tools we need to grapple with physical and mental woes. 


Stanley Brothers CBD vs. Everybody Else


Don't listen to us: Here's what other people have to say about the Stanley Brothers...

"I was diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome five years ago. All efforts to find relief has been futile although I never agreed to use pain medications due to the risk involved. Finally I had a surgery to help block my nerve pain, mechanically, but it's not 100%. I tried Charlotte's Web and it really did take my pain away along with helping with the anxiety caused from being in pain 24/7. This is working for me and I have a serious pain syndrome."
-- Maria (last name removed for privacy)
"I love this company and their products!! I personally love how many ways I can use their concentrate syringes. I use it when I'm cooking a lot but sometimes for smoking and topicals. I also love how it is a whole plant botanical extract so I'm getting every last drop of goodness from this precious plant."
-- Anonymous reviewer


Stanley Brothers in the News

Thanks to their efforts to change the CBD industry, the Stanley Brothers brand has made the news more than a few times. NBC has featured the Brothers multiple times; one Dateline representative even spent six months learning about the emotional journey behind utilizing CBD to treat life-threatening medical problems like seizures. 


The Cost

You Get What You Pay For

It's no secret that Stanley Brothers CBD products tend to run a little more expensive than some of their counterparts, but rest assured that it's for good reason. You get what you pay for no matter what you're purchasing. If you're buying a car, there's a reason that a better and newer model costs more than an old beater. When you consider that Stanley Brothers products are like the BMW of the CBD world, their price isn't tough to justify at all.

There's no dodging the facts: high-quality CBD products cost more to produce than lower-quality options. Because Stanley Brothers CBD products are full-spectrum rather than isolates, they're pricier to cultivate and process before they're ready for sale. Isolate products make for great budget options in a pinch, but leave you without many of the benefits that full-spectrum CBD offers, including:


The Stanley Brothers Brand is not only behind the creation of the famous Charlotte's Web CBD products, but they're one of the most forward-thinking CBD manufacturers in North America. Your health is something you should never price shop; so if you're on the hunt for the highest-quality and most trusted CBD brand your money can buy, Stanley Brothers is where it's at!


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Interested in testing out a few Stanley Brothers CBD products yourself? You're in luck! Check out Earlybird's full selection of Stanley Brothers CBD products and save $5.00 off your first order simply by creating an account. Have questions? We have answers! Contact us today and a member of our team will be glad to speak with you about any comments and concerns you've got on your mind. 


For more information on buying CBD Oil online: be sure to check out our resource page: The Complete Guide to Buying CBD Oil Online.


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