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Suzie’s CBD Treats: Honest Goodness Review

Suzie’s CBD Treats was founded by Richard Squire and his beloved dog, Suzie, in 2016. As companions and best friends, Richard and Suzie had a shared passion for hiking and climbing. Together, they tackled some of the best mountains and hiking trails in the country. Eventually, the two reached an age where they began to experience pain from their everyday activities and, Richard ultimately underwent back surgery. 

During his recovery, he initially found relief in the form of opioids, yet wanted something more natural to help ease his pain. Then Richard discovered and started using CBD.

The next step was to try it out with Suzie. She was also dealing with aches and pains in her later years, and this made it harder to do the things the two enjoyed. 

Richard started out by giving Suzie a CBD pet treat of his own concoction each morning and evening. Sure enough, Suzie started feeling more like her old self and had more energy. Not long after, the two were both able to take long walks again with ease and comfort. 

At this point, Richard decided other dogs and pets should have access to CBD treats. He teamed up with some passionate pet lovers who had lots of hemp and CBD knowledge. 

Together, with his new team, Suzie’s CBD Treats came to life. Since the formation of the company, Suzie has sadly passed away. Now, as the inspiration behind Suzie’s CBD pet treats, her memory continues to live on, and her smile adorns every package.

The mission of making healthy CBD treats for pets at affordable prices has been the cornerstone of this business. Many pets and grateful pet owners are reaping the benefits of the company’s dedication to pet wellness products.


President of Suzie’s Pet Treats

Caleb is the Co-Founder and President of Suzie’s CBD Treats, and was a personal friend of Richard’s before coming on-board. When Richard thought about starting Suzie’s, he approached Caleb with his idea. Caleb was excited about the venture, and turned out to be the perfect fit. He took on the role with enthusiasm and an unmatched commitment to Suzie’s mission. 

Caleb is an innovator, a bold and respected leader, and wise beyond his years. His vibrant energy is felt wherever he goes which inspires his team daily to create high-quality products for pets around the country.    

The Farm

The company’s hemp farm is located in Fort Collins, Colorado and utilized all organic farming practices. It is one of the few CBD companies to employ a vertically integrated manufacturing process. This means they manage the entire production process themselves – from seed to shelf. Suzie’s team grows the hemp, tends to the soil, harvests the plants by hand, performs the CBD extraction process, bakes and packages the treats. In this way, they have absolute control over the quality of their CBD pet treats and tinctures. 

Suzie’s hemp farm is open for public visits, and since they’re a cooperative business, they host volunteers who want to lend a hand and be part of the day to day farm activities. 

Suzie’s Products Are Full-Spectrum 

Suzie’s pet treats contain full-spectrum CBD. Unlike isolates, a full spectrum product contains the benefits of the whole plant. These benefits include other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that work in harmony to make CBD more effective. 

What Makes Suzie’s Hemp Farm Organic?

The pet treat company never uses chemical sprays like pesticides or herbicides on their plants. Instead, they take a natural approach to growing their hemp, even when it’s more expensive. For example, beneficial bugs that act as pest control are used during extreme cases. In other cases, they might prune the plants and use Neem oil.

How Is the CBD Extracted?

Suzie’s uses food-grade organic ethanol to extract the CBD from its plants. Ethanol is a plant solvent made from plants. It’s safe for use with humans and animals, and is one of the best methods for preserving the plant’s natural compounds. Moreover, the extraction method is sustainable because the ethanol gets recycled.

Evidence that Suzie’s CBD Treats Exhibit High Quality 

Sadly, many CBD companies don’t sell top-notch quality products that consumers can count on. As such, customers should exercise judgment before buying a CBD product for their pets. One thing to look out for is third party laboratory results. Suzie’s CBD Treats provide lab testing reports right on their website. 

These reports show the potency of CBD, other cannabinoid levels, and residual solvents. These lab tests also verify that the content levels of THC in their products fall under the legal limit of 0.3%.

Even more, Suzie’s takes the extra step to have every single batch of product lab tested. Plus, the team at Suzie’s personally tests the products themselves. They wouldn’t sell anything before trying it first. Safety, purity, and consistency remain at the forefront of Suzie’s promise to customers and their furry companions.

Accurate Product Labeling to Determine Proper Dosing

Suzie’s CBD Treats include the number of milligrams of CBD per treat or per bottle. Also included on the product label is a suggested dose based on the pet’s size and weight. The recommendation starts with one milligram for every 10 pounds of body weight taken in a morning and an evening dose. 

This is a general guideline and conservative estimate for pets taking CBD for the first time. You can always adjust the dose based on your pet’s response to the treat or tincture. CBD has a favorable safety profile based on scientific evidence, but it’s always a good rule of thumb to start low and slow. This gives your pet enough time to adjust to the product and for you to gauge how he or she feels after consuming CBD.

Is Your Pet Currently Taking Medications?

There aren’t many known interactions between CBD and prescription medications, but it’s best to consult with your veterinarian before giving your pet CBD or any supplement. Suzie’s Pet Treats even has a recommend a reputable vet that books phone consultations so you can speak to someone about a holistic approach to your pet’s medication needs.

Suzie’s CBD Dog Biscuits and CBD Tincture Ingredients 

Currently, there are three unique dog biscuit flavors that Suzie’s CBD Treats sells – Apple, Pumpkin, and Original. Here is the list of ingredients for each biscuit flavor.

  • Apple flavored biscuit: organic oat flour, organic unsweetened applesauce, organic molasses, organic oat bran, organic coconut oil, organic full-spectrum CBD, organic cinnamon
  • Pumpkin flavored biscuit: organic oat flour, organic pumpkin, organic molasses, organic oat bran, organic coconut oil, organic full-spectrum CBD, organic cinnamon
  • Original biscuit: organic oat flour, organic molasses, organic oat bran, organic coconut oil, organic full-spectrum CBD 

The full-spectrum CBD tinctures for cats and dogs have various strengths as indicated by the CBD content shown in milligrams on each bottle. Besides the organic full-spectrum CBD, the tinctures also contain a pure organic safflower oil sourced from Colorado. 

Furthermore, all of Suzie’s products contain less than 0.3% THC, and there is no gluten, preservatives, corn, soy, or artificial flavors in any of their products. Oh yeah, and on top of that, all ingredients, including the hemp, are non-GMO.

Finally, Suzie’s CBD Treats is a company that has a genuine love for animals. To show their support for animals, they donate 10 percent of their profits and 100 percent of their swag sales to local animal shelters. Additionally, they provide these shelters free CBD treats to help mitigate the effects of shelter stress. 

Moreover, the CBD treats often make their way to the homes of pet parents who adopt from the shelters. This can help the animal with the transition from shelter to a forever home. All in all, Suzies CBD Treats is a company that we like (for obvious reasons), and we think you and your pet will love them too.

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